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Hello and welcome to Laeeque Bakeware! Whether you’re a beginner, a home cake maker or a seasoned baker there’s a course to suit you, from covering a cake with icing to creating decadent chocolates like the professionals. Each course is taught by Quraisha Aboobaker, a leading name in the industry who share her expert knowledge and experience, giving you the skills and confidence to take your interest to the next level.onlinestoreT.png

Laeeque is a private vocational school that has been the leader in cake decorating education for generations.  Our Mission is to provide excellence in cake decorating education for technique mastery and inspiration for creative expression by all those who attend our classes. It starts with age-old cake decorating traditions, enhanced by constantly developing and ever-refining creativity. It continues with Quraisha's philosophy that "learning is best achieved through class participation".

Book one of our workshops, and enjoy step-by-step instructions in a small class setting at our very sweet cake studio.  we offer a full range of classes for all ages and levels.  You will be pleasantly surprised with what you can achieve in a few short hours when you learn to create your own  cakes and cupcakes. All you need to do is turn up, roll up your sleeves and get ready to have some fun. Browse to see what current classes are on offer through my  Workshops page.

This educational approach is embodied in today's greatly expanded Laeeque facilities and advanced techniques.
The Laeeque objectives are mastery of fundamentals and building upon this expertise with greater self-expression and creativity.
We will also be launching our E-store soon where you will be able to purchase all your bakeware needs, accessories and tools and have it delivered to your door. Hassle Free!
All the best! 


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